At San Diego Comic Con 2012, Integrity Toys introduced their first doll, Hollywood Jem. In October of that year, 4 more dolls were sold via Integrity doll dealers.

Hollywood JemJerrica Benton Classic Jem Rio PachecoSynergy

In February 2013, came the Holograms, April 2013 saw the preview of the Misfits dolls, in June 2013 the W Club Broadway Magic Jem was previewed, as well as Glitter 'n Gold Rio and Glitter n' Gold Jem, the latter is an exclusive for San Diego Comic Con 2013, both the Glitter 'n Golds are being shipped now. The Stingers previewed in July 2013. Lastly, in December the Who is He Kissing Gift Set is unveiled and ships in time for Christmas. Pre-orders are taken for the Holograms and Misfits Stage Essentials, but are not shipped until well into 2014.

Kimber BentonAja LeithShana Elmsford
Phyllis “Pizzazz” GaborRoxanne "Roxy” PelligriniMary “Stormer” Phillips
Glitter 'n Gold Jem/JerricaGlitter 'n Gold Rio PachecoBroadway Magic Jem
Ingrid "Minx" KrugerPhoebe "Rapture" AsheRory "Riot" Llewelyn
The Misfits Stage EssentialsWho is He Kissing? Gift SetThe Holograms Stage Essentials
First up is the Countess Du Voisin doll, who is available only as a W Club Membership upgrade; she shipped in July. In mid-February, Astral Eldrich, Jetta Burns and Raya Alonso are announced & shipped mid-March. The In Stitches Jem/Pizzazz duet gift set was announced late March and shipped shortly afterward. Mid May, a quartet of Jem Friends were introduced: Clash, Video, Danse and Regine, shipped mid June. Lastly was Rockin' Romance Jem, who was a San Diego Comic Con 2014 exclusive doll.
Countess Du VoisinAstral EldrichJetta BurnsRaya Alonso
In Stitches JEM / Phyllis "PIZZAZZ" Gabor Duet Gift SetRockin' Romance Jem

Clash Montgomery"Video" Montgomery"Danse" DvorakRegine Cesaire
IT direct becomes the exclusive dealer for Integrity dolls. Three male characters and one new female are introduced, as well as four more versions of Jem. Ollie Lawson from the Color Infusion line bears an uncanny resemblance to Jeff Wright. 

Lindsey PierceTechratShowtime JemAnthony JulianTwilight in Paris Jem/Jerrica Benton Doll (SDCC 2015)

Craig PhillipsStarstruck JemEric RaymondAward Night JemOllie Lawson

GraphixRock 'N Roll Royalty Riot LlewelynThe Bands Breakup Mary "Stormer" Phillips
The Bands Breakup Kimber Benton
Designing Woman
Phyllis "PIZZAZZ" Gabor
Sean Harrison

Zipper (black or blond haired)
Under construction
But has some photos
Sophisticated Lady
Jem/Jerrica Benton Duo Doll Giftset
Studio PlaysetTomorrow Is My Wedding Day Kimber Benton
Glitter 'n Gold
Shana Elmsford On-Stage Mini-Giftset
(Under Construction!)
Glitter 'n Gold
Aja Leith On-Stage Mini-Giftset
(Under Construction!)
This is Farewell

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