Jem Playsets

In 1986, Jem debuted with the Rockin' Roadster (FM radio), the Rock Backstager (speaker), and the Star Stage (cassette player). The latter were also available in 1987, but the Rockin' Roadster was replaced with the Glitter 'n Gold Roadster. Two more playsets were added; KJem (another speaker but this time with a microphone) and the New Wave Waterbed, which contained a small keyboard. Also included were four Video Madness accessories sets that could be used in conjunction with the Star Stage.
Rockin' RoadsterRock BackstagerStar Stage
It's Workin' Out (Video Madness)Love Is Here (Video Madness)Show Me The Way (Video Madness)
Glitter 'n Gold RoadsterKJemNew Wave Waterbed