Playset Name Video Madness: Welcome To The Jungle
Stock # (US) #4313/4075 Asst.
Hasbro package contents listing Contains: clapboard, backdrop, cassette tape, flute, microphone, video camera, hair clip, gloves, sheet music, two-sided mask and sticker sheet.
Comments/Trivia -1 of 4 Video Madness playsets, released in 1987
-The name of this playset is a Jem (Misfits) song title.
Produced Variants So far, I have seen this playset sold in the following packaging. Since they were all made in the same factories, I don't know if there are any country-of-release related differences or not:
  • US H44 Accessories Made in China, Cassette Made in Hong Kong (playset parts featured on this ID page is US issue)
  • Canadian
More Skip here for a listing of other depictions of Welcome To The Jungle (prototypes, catalogues, etc).

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clapboard: Dark Pink with green stripes, purple shiny decal.
  • The name of the playset it came with is the name of the production on the clapboard. 
  • Each Video Madness playset came with a specific clapboard.
  • Rio and Jem are listed as the stars for this video (!?)

backdrop: Two-sided brightly coloured cardboard backdrop. One side for "Welcome To The Jungle", the other for "Gimme Gimme Gimme".
  • The backdrop can only be used on the Star Stage on the "Welcome To The Jungle" side as it's not symmetrical.  I've also had a hard time keeping my backdrop in place as the cardboard is much larger than the Star Stage cover.  It would have been nice if the light clips could have held it in place!
  • Each Video Madness playset came with a specific backdrop.

cassette tape: Black with lime green lettering.  Has the songs "Welcome To The Jungle," "Gimme Gimme Gimme" and "Jem Theme."  Instrumentals on reverse side.
  • Each Video Madness playset came with a specific cassette.

flute: Semi-transparent glittery pink flute with silver cord.
  • I believe the same plastic as 2nd Edition Kimber's keyboard. 

microphone: Stand up mic and base, dark pink
  • Same style as those from the Star Stage, but a darker, duller pink.
video camera: dark pink and yellow plastic camera with a gold cord.
  • It is from the same mold as Video's camera.

hair clip: turquoise, blue and green curled hair attached to a yellow mini comb
  • Hair clips similar to this were going to be reused for the Matching Medley Fashion accessories in 1988, according to the photos in the Hasbro Pre-Toy Fair Catalogue Matching Medley Fashions.

gloves: White fabric with iridescent threads, has hot pink and silver fringes on both ends.
  • Not really gloves but more like arm bands.  
  • I believe the body of the gloves are the same fabric as the top from Broadway Magic.

music sheet: Yellow shiny paper with pink writing.

two-sided mask: pink plastic hand held mask, with purple smiling cat one side (shown) and blue frowning cat on reverse.

sticker sheet: Small colourful stickers on a clear background, tropical theme.
  • Each Video Madness playset came with a specific sticker sheet.

Box, liner and inserts not previously noted in Hasbro's box contents above.
I don't own this playset NRFB so I can't say which, if any posters and inserts originally came with it.
Box: US version, H44 Accessories Made in China, Cassette Made in Hong Kong (playset parts featured on this ID page is US issue)

Box Liner: White cardboard

Other images of Welcome To The Jungle (generally unproduced/prototypes/promotional figures) Differences from produced playset (if any)
The 1987 France/UK Toy Fair Catalogue has it's own photographs
  • opaque flute also with no cord, 
  • camera is missing the cord, 
  • the clapboard colours are wrong, 
  • the sheet music is different, 
  • the tape is white with black lettering, 
  • no sticker sheet is shown, 
  • a hand held microphone is shown.
Hasbro front of box photograph
Hasbro back of box photograph (shown left)
  • The clapboard is shown to be riveted together. 
  • The flute looks opaque.
  • The sticker sheet is not exactly the same
  • In the inset photo of Pizzazz & Clash on the front of the box, as well as on the back, the tape shown is Pizzazz's, not the Video Madness one.
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